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Developing games is hard. It's even more difficult if you have to take care of all the tedious features like payment processing, achievements, leaderboards, social integration, etc. That's why takes care of all that for you with an easy-to-use JavaScript API

marketJS -

marketJS connects HTML5 game developers with publishers. Easily upload your game demos, and get contacted by interested publishers. Negotiate and seal the deal, with zero transaction fees.

Scoreoid -

You develop your game, we take care of the rest. Scoreoid developed by game developers, for game developers is the ultimate gaming Backend-as-a-Service. We help game developers retain and engage with their players.

Scoreoid saves game developers cost and time and is used in dozens of games. We’re constantly adding new services and capabilities. Just look at some of our features: leaderboards, truly cross-platfrom, in-game notifications, player management, player login and more.