HTML5 News launches

Posted 12:04PM on April 03 2012 by Pascal Rettig

A Microsoft sponsored site focused on building games for the open web called has launched. Built by Boston JavaScript shop Bocoup and stocked with in-depth articles on various HTML5 Game development topics, the site should become a very valuable resource for HTML5 Game Developers (Disclaimer: I wrote the Mobile Game Primer article)

More articles should be coming in the months ahead, but the articles at launch are:

Canvas v5 API Additions

Posted 11:54AM on April 03 2012 by Pascal Rettig

While not in any sort of sexy blog-post format, Ian Hickson has posted a list of additions to the Canvas V5 API on the whatwtg mailing list.

Some nice looking features like:

  • Path Primitives
  • Ellipses (no more path arc junk)
  • Dashed lines
  • Text on a path
  • Hit Testing (Yay!)

These, of course, are in the API, which doesn't mean that they are available in any browser whatsoever, but should be coming down the pipe at some point soon.

Chrome 18: Canvas2D GPU-acceleration + WebGL SwiftShader

Posted 14:07PM on March 31 2012 by Pascal Rettig Categories: Canvas, WebGL

The latest stable release of Google Chrome, Chrome 18 includes some change that should make HTML5 Game Developers happy. It enabled GPU-acceleration on Canvas2D on supported Windows and Mac computers. 

On the WebGL side of things, Google has included a software shader called SwiftShader which means that the WebGL 3D canvas will be even available on older machines without supported hardware (albeit at a significant performance penalty).

Read the Chromium blog post for more details

Adobe taking percentage of "Console Quality" Games created using flash

Posted 13:08PM on March 28 2012 by Pascal Rettig Categories: Flash

Adobe is looking to charge developers who use Adobe's Premium features for Gaming, which means using 3D support with Stage3D and domain memory a percentage fee of 9% on revenue over $50k. 

Not sure how well that's going to sit with developers who are already paying $2k per seat for Adobe products. 

WebGL anyone?

Read the ZDNet article for more details.

Note: this post originally incorrectly stated that just using Stage 3D could trigger the "premium features" tier, however it's actually only usage of both. So, to be clear, you can us a single "premium feature" for gaming without paying a royalty, but if you want to use "premium features" (plural) you'll need to pay up.

Google working on a unified gaming platform

Posted 21:50PM on March 20 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Google is working on a unified gaming platform aiming to unify it's various gaming initiatives under a single umbrella of Google Games.

So says google project manager Punit Soni:

By next year, we will not be here talking about Google+ Games, Chrome Web Store games, Games for Native Client and Android games, we will be talking about Google games. has more details 

Itsmy launches mobile HTML5 Gaming platform

Posted 21:31PM on March 20 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Itsmy has launched a new HTML5 mobile gaming platform targeted at all mobile devices, including tablets. writes: "The itsmy Game Cloud is finally a way to sell HTML5 games directly to the consumer and to bypass app stores or marketplaces,” says itsmy CEO, Antonio Vince Staybl. “Together with our partners, we have now the absolute control to monetize and distribute the games, interact with gamers and scale the game cloud." also has a report on the launch.

Pokki 1UP HTML5 Game Dev Contest Wrap-up

Posted 17:05PM on March 20 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Pokki's inaugural HTML5 Game Dev Contest ended on March 6th and drew a lot of attention from Indie game developers, with over 60 games submitted in 60 days. 

4 Horseman took home first place, coming away with $30k and a trip to GDC 2012 in San Francisco. Pokki was a GDC sponsor and featured the game at the event.

Check out the contest page and play some HTML5 games on your desktop to see what's possible with the Tech

The more things change...PhobosLabs: Hate IE with a Passion

Posted 10:07AM on March 20 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Dominic, the guy behind that small, not-at-all-popular HTML5 Game engine called Impact.js just published a nice rantish post on called Hate IE with a Passion which outlines the reasons why, even though IE9 has made wondrous strides, IE still is holding back the web and HTML5 game development in general with it's slow-as-molasses dev cycle.

Read the post and checkout Dominic's rant about IE from onGameStart in the video below (about 26 minutes in)

Adobe Previews export to HTML5 from Flash professional

Posted 17:34PM on March 17 2012 by Pascal Rettig

As people have long anticipated, while Flash player may not be the future of Adobe's mobile strategy, Adobe is working hard to keep Flash Professional as the tool for animators to use by supporting direct export to HTML5 using the Toolkit for CreateJS. 

One point that's mentioned in the video is that the export seems to be primarily targeted at animation, and to script the interactivity developers would use JavaScript directly. This means Adobe is attempting to generate clean code and a nice API for interacting with exported flash elements from HTML5, which I applaud them for greatly.

Read the post on Adobe's Blog for more details and check of the video below.

Popular iPhone Games recreated in HTML5

Posted 13:42PM on March 17 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Devstand has a post on 9 popular iPhone games that were recreated in HTML5, helping demonstrate the HTML5 as a game development platform. 

Read the post

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