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Wooga releases mobile HTML5 Game as open-source

Posted 09:47AM on June 22 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Social game developer Wooga has released their HTML5 Mobile social game Pocket Island as open-source. You can check-out the details on their labs page and view the source on GitHub

iOS 6 Mobile Safari - HTML5 Game Developer upgrades

Posted 17:36PM on June 12 2012 by Pascal Rettig

A nice write-up on what HTML5 Devs can expect from iOS 6.

Big ones for HTML5 game development: Web Inspect/Remote debugging (Yay!), Web Audio API, Full Screen view in Landscape Mode, requestAnimationFrame.

These have not been verified, although I'm sure they will be soon - I'll believe Web Audio API when I see it - the rest of them seem plausible.

Update: Apparently it's true!

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appMobi releases "Boom Town" - massively cross-platform HTML5 Game

Posted 08:58AM on June 04 2012 by Pascal Rettig

appMobi has released it's first massively cross-platform (9 devices, including Facebook and Chrome!) with a single Impact.js powered codebase. 

See more details and check out the video below.

Good to see the promise of HTML5 Game Development - single codebase - run anywhere, finally start to creep into reality.

Chromebox - the game console of the future?

Posted 07:35AM on May 31 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Google has released the Chromebox, as $329 "Web Browser in a box" small form-factor computer built by Samsung that boasts an Intel Core Processor and 4GB of ram. 

If it catches on, this sort of thing could very well help drive the future of gaming to the browser (NaCL included) and away from dedicated console as it opens up access to web browsers as first class citizens to the living room.

Now, how's that GamePad API coming along?

See the full details on

Game Closure Poaches Zynga’s CTO Of Mobile To Lead HTML5 Game Development

Posted 20:41PM on May 29 2012 by Pascal Rettig

TechCrunch is reporting that Laurent Desegur has been drawn away from social gaming powerhouse Zynga to join HTML5 Game startup Game Clojure. Sounds like that whole HTML5-game-thing has legs

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The Great HTML5 Mobile Gaming Performance Comparison

Posted 09:38AM on May 24 2012 by Pascal Rettig

This Post from Scirra, the makers of Construct 2, is liquid gold for HTML5 Game Developers targeting mobile (which is probably all of em) - it shows the performance of a particular game built in Construct 2 on various devices in various deployment methods, including straight Browser (Mobile Safari, Chrome for Android) and package as an app (PhoneGap, DirectCanvas, CocoonJS)

Takeaways are that iPhone 4S and iPad 2+ are pretty handy at HTML5 Games, even just running via mobile Safari while Windows Phone 7 and Android still have some work to do performance-wise, although Android native w/ CocoonJS gets back up to an acceptable 34 fps.

See the full post and the handy included chart

Chrome now most popular browser in the world

Posted 09:04AM on May 23 2012 by Pascal Rettig

The king is dead, long live the king. According to, last week Chrome passed IE as the most popular browser in the world. And there was much rejoicing in the streets. 

This is a great thing for HTML5 Game Development (and particular WebGL support) Graph below.

(Originally reported by Global Nerdy Blogger ) 

...Or not response from microsoft on how StatCounter is over-counting Chrome pre-renders.

Mozilla Labs releases Minimalist HTML5 Game Template

Posted 08:52AM on May 23 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Mozilla Labs has released a barebones HTML5 Game Template that helps developers get started faster and deploy quicker. It's not game-engine specific, but includes dependency management via volo to pull in libraries and can be used to generate engine-specific templates as well.

Check out the blog post and the Github repo for more details.

HTML5 Kickstarter Game Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution

Posted 12:06PM on April 23 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Showing that the Kickstarter game trend has some legs outside of funding established developers making throwback games, a project called "Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution," built in HTML5 garnered over $9k is pledges on Kickstarter and still has till May 1st to get more. While $9k doesn't put it in the same league as a Doublefine, it's still not too shabby for a HTML5 game.

From the description:

Collect Delegates to ensure your seat as the President, collect Gold Coins to unlock branches of the Federal Reserve where you defeat bosses and progress your quest to end the Federal Reserve.

Check out video below and the Kickstarter page for more details. launches

Posted 12:04PM on April 03 2012 by Pascal Rettig

A Microsoft sponsored site focused on building games for the open web called has launched. Built by Boston JavaScript shop Bocoup and stocked with in-depth articles on various HTML5 Game development topics, the site should become a very valuable resource for HTML5 Game Developers (Disclaimer: I wrote the Mobile Game Primer article)

More articles should be coming in the months ahead, but the articles at launch are:

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