Atari Opens up Development Kit for HTML5 Atari Arcade

Posted 13:32PM on November 15 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Atari arcade, the Microsoft sponsored HTML5 re-imagining of Atari's classic catalog, is opening up it's development platform:

Supported by Internet Explorer and Atari, the new Atari Arcade is a browser-based portal featuring a next-generation collection of Atari’s classic games reimagined in HTML5, complete with fresh graphics, gameplay and integration with Facebook and Twitter. Devs interested in the platform can submit their own game concepts for publishing through the destination, gaining a share of the ad revenues and receiving support from Atari’s production team. Those games accepted will allow developers to retain full ownership of their game, while the best will rise in recognition and gain additional marketing support from Atari.

The development kit supports mobile devices, and a number of games (Asteroids, Pong, Super Breakout and Missile Command) are playable from the arcade page.

Atari has set up a development portal at

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