The State of Mobile HTML5 Game Development

Posted 09:18AM on October 18 2012 by Pascal Rettig

At last night's Boston HTML5 Game Development Meetup I presented a yearly wrap up on "The State of HTML5 Game Development" with a focus on mobile to highlight my new book "Professional Mobile HTML5 Game Development"

To put my money where my mouth was, the presentation was given via an iPad Web App running from the home screen. As it was designed to run as a presentation full-screen on an iPad, for best effect bookmark to your home screen and run from there in landscape mode. But otherwise, go ahead an try to run it on anything that supports canvas and it should work to varying degrees.

If you'd like to help get HTML5 Game Development usable on more platforms, please star the mentioned Chrome for Android Bug 142613

To use the deck: use the arrow keys to run and jump

Check out the interactive deck 

Create using the unofficially released Quintus Engine which is built in the book.

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