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Zenva Launches Kickstarter for "The Complete Mobile Game Development Course"

Posted 15:34PM on February 15 2015 by Pascal Rettig
Pablo Farias Navarro, the founder of Zenva which has already authored 38 online courses on web, app and game development is launching a Kickstarter called  The Complete Mobile Game Development Course.
The course is a comprehensive video tutorial that will teach you how to create 15 mobile games using JavaScript + the free Phaser library, and how to publish them to iOS, Android and Amazon.
The games you will build through out the course include genres such as platformer, RPG, town simulation, virtual pet and candy "match-3" type of games. 

You can check out the video below and head over to the Kickstarter Page for more details

Ceilfire HTML5 Platform launches public Alpha

Posted 10:34AM on January 01 2015 by Pascal Rettig

Ceilfire, a platform that allows users to create, publish and play HTML5-Games directly in the browser without requiring any programming skills has launched it's public Alpha - you can see a set of demos and tutorials up on the Ceilfire Website

As the platform is in Alpha, it still has a few rough edges, but they are looking for feedback as the platform develops, so give it a look.

Modit's 2nd Make It Anything HTML5 Game Dev Contest

Posted 18:15PM on July 31 2013 by Pascal Rettig

Modit's second 'Make it Anything' game dev contest currently running.  You can find more info on the prize breakdown and how to enter here:  The contest runs through 8/30/2013.

Modit offers a new approach to crowd sourced HTML5 development by letting you

  • Take any existing game
  • Modify it without limitations (all the way down to the source code)
  • Publish and share your games via a simple url

All from within your browser.  You can check out the site here: is still in early beta if you have any feedback on the platform you can post it on the reddit  

All you need to enter is some inspiration. Modit hosts your game for you, you can develop and publish entirely within the browser, and there is no entry fee.'s has also launched a number of new features - which you can check out in the video below:



Boston Festival of Indie Games on Kickstarter

Posted 09:30AM on April 26 2013 by Pascal Rettig

The Boston Festival of Indie Games, one of the premier, community-run Indie Game Festivals in the country celebrating independent game development in New England and neighboring regions has launched a Kickstarter to help fund this year's Festival.

The Boston FIG celebrates all types of games: video games, location-based games, tabletop and live action role-playing games and is one of the few outlets where HTML5 and Web Games get a first-class seat at the table.

Attendance to the Boston FIG is free, but these things take money to host and put together - so the event is looking to Kickstarter to help get it off the ground and offering great packs of Indie games as reward tiers.

Visit the Kickstarter Page

Nintendo Web Framework

Posted 08:51AM on March 29 2013 by Pascal Rettig

Nintendo announced the upcoming WebKit and HTML5-based Nintendo Web Framework at GDC this week for the Wii U

Details are still sketchy but details of the GDC session are:

The Nintendo Web Framework is a development environment based on WebKit technologies, supporting application development on the Wii U system using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. It also supports the Wii U GamePad controller, Wii Remote controllers, and JavaScript extensions such as video playback. With the Nintendo Web Framework, development times will be reduced and Wii U applications can be easily developed using common Web technologies. Combining the handy Wii U GamePad, the TV screen, and the Internet, the potential exists for the services and games you are developing to progress by leaps and bounds. 

More details and some Tweets from the session over at

Ludei Adding WebGL support

Posted 22:30PM on March 27 2013 by Pascal Rettig

Ludei is adding WebGL support to it's iOS and Android wrappers - giving developers full 3D support on the two dominant smartphone platforms for their 3D WebGL games and Apps.

While WebGL just appeared in Chrome beta, performance is still a work in progress so Ludei's solution is most welcome for HTML5 game developers.

Read more at VentureBeat and check out the video below

WebRTC Data Channel in Firefox Nightly and Chrome Canary

Posted 22:19PM on March 27 2013 by Pascal Rettig

While WebSockets was a carrot for HTML5 developers imagining smooth multi-player games natively in the browser, the truth was that a TCP-based centralized mechanism was never going to cut it for real-time multiplayer. You could fake it with some clever timing and client-side prediction, but it just wasn't enough.

Enter WebRTC Data Channels - now available in Firefox Nightly and Chrome Canary. Developers are now on the cusp of having a UDP-style peer-to-peer communications that will enable the next generation of native multiplayer on the Web.

Read more at Mozilla's blog: WebRTC Data Channels for Great Multiplayer and check out the demo video below of Mozilla's BananaBread running a 5-player multiplayer contest: "Make It Anything" with over $3000 in prizes

Posted 13:17PM on February 18 2013 by Pascal Rettig is a newly launched platform for collaboration and hacking on HTML5 games right from your browser (you can give a test drive by just visiting the site - no account or login is required to get started)

As part of the lead up to the platform's official beta launch at SXSW, is hosting a contest called "Make It Anything" that encourages uses to try out the system and create their own Mods.

The top three winners in each of 3 categories:

  • Most Played
  • Most Popular
  • Most Moddable

will each win a cash prize $600, $300 or $100 and will be featured during's SXSW workshop and booth at SXSW Gaming. An additional prize will be given out to the community MVP - the user that provides the most valuable feedback during the contest.

Jump on over to to get more details (and if you want meta - the contest page presentation is just a Mod created in using reveal.js)


Posted 13:16PM on February 16 2013 by Pascal Rettig

Temporarily removing the content of this post until I can verify if the course is legit.

Google adds WebGL support to Chrome Flags in latest Android beta

Posted 07:48AM on January 25 2013 by Pascal Rettig

Google has finally made it easy to turn on WebGL on it's flagship Chrome for Android browser. 

Simply make sure you have the latest Beta from the Play store and hit up everyone's favorite chrome://flags page.

More at

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