DivSugar, a CSS-based 3D Graphics Engine

Posted 08:29AM on August 15 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Software Engineer Takashi Kitao has written a CSS3 based 3D graphics engine called DivSugar. While it's not as performant as a WebGL might be for full games, the fact that it uses CSS3 means that it can easily be integrated into existing sites and be used for casual games.

´╗┐DivSugar provides the following features:

 - 3D scene graph by using CSS3
 - 2 types of animation mechanism (frame-based and timeline-based)
 - 3D geometry classes which includes vector, matrix and quaternion
 - Key/mouse input handling
You can check the simple tutorial and a few of demos of DivSugar on the project page:

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