Developer releases Subbania: HTML5 Game and 2-year labor of love

Posted 15:43PM on October 22 2012 by Pascal Rettig

Developer ektomarch has released Subbania - a stark 2D side scrolling game that puts you in control of a sub blasting a whole bunch of strange black-and-white baddies.

Subbania was built over two years by a single developer and features a notable Lovecraftian-noir Nazi-sub-vs.-giant-sea-monsters feel. At $2.99 it's definitely worth checking out the game as well as the blog post recap - which should be an inspiration to indies everywhere.

As the author notes, the HTML5 Gamescene has been ripe with 40 second demo, his goal was push further:

Now, why am I asking for money for “just” a browser-based game? Because it’s more than “just” a browser game. It’s a full game that happens to be played through a browser. HTML5 up to this point has been nothing but Pacman clones and 40 second minigames made to test the technology. I want to push this with games that have a little more meat and story. Just thirty minutes would be a pretty damn good length for any browser-based game. Subbania is eight times that.

Check out the video below Buy the Game via Paypal (scroll down to the paypal button) or purchase it in the Chrome Store

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